(sydney 2005/düsseldorf 2007)

Ausschnitt aus einem Artikel vom 29 August 2007 der australischen Zeitung
"THE AGE" von Penny Webb über die Eröffnung der Ausstellung "living Elvis"
in der RMIT Gallery in Melbourne.

.... Düsseldorf artist musician Kaiser gets it right with Forgetting
Elvis/Blue Elvis (49 mins), a two-screen video projection of a recent 
performance in which the artist's cello is heard in strange harmonies
with snatches of Elvis singing Blue Moon (Rodgers and Hart, 1934).
The two screens slowly zoom in on the full-length Flaming Star figure,
with the musician silhouetted in the foreground, until the image dissolves
in magnified film grain and digital patterns. It's an astonishingly
beautiful mediation on a lyrical song, on a figure lost to time, and on
what we project onto that figure. In its different colour registers and
shifts in framing, the image is never less than haunting. The mood of the
soundtrack is elegiac, but the experience of staying with this 49-minute
DVD is completely uplifting. Kaiser, born in Germany in 1967, "gets" Elvis
like no one else here.